new graduates thrown together

Freshly minted with degrees, we both took what we considered the responsible next step & landed in D.C. with Federal consulting gigs.

discovering shared passion

Despite spending our days creating slide decks & uploading data, every conversation centered on other topics: Food & Health. We were constantly balancing the intense pleasure food brought us & our determination to keep our bodies & minds strong.



seeking sweetness without settling

We have a weakness for gelato. Creamy, sweet, intense , perfect -- but despite some serious searching,  we couldn't find a gelato that wasn’t loaded with sugar or additives that was also delicious. So we decided to make one.

real food for real dessert

We knew that real, whole foods could provide all the flavor, texture, & nutrition we wanted. We realized that although avocados are typically used for savory dishes, their creamy texture & subtle buttery flavored made them the perfect canvas a plant-based gelato mix that actually felt like the real deal. Our first batch proved us right.



refining a recipe

After months of tasting batch after batch, we formulated a perfect avocado blend -- and our friends agreed. It  wasn’t too hard to convince everyone we knew to try some gelato, but it was hard to convince we had made it without any dairy.


Bringing RIPE to you

We are committed to bringing RIPE to the rest of the world. We believe everyone should be able to truly indulge while nourishing their body. We are so excited to share RIPE!