Healthy Fats

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut milk have been shown to kill the three major types of atherogenic organisms, bacteria that cause plaque formation in the arteries that may lead to heart disease. Additionally, coconut oil fortifies & conditions skin & hair. The fatty acids in coconut milk are a natural antiseptic & help treat dandruff, skin infections, wounds & dry, itchy skin. 


Magnesium + potassium

Coconut milk is rich in magnesium, which regulates the heart’s rhythm and supports the function of nerve cells.  The high levels of potassium present in coconut help maintains the tissues of the heart, kidneys, brain & muscles. 


phosphorous + iron 

The significant levels of phosphorous in pumpkin help keep teeth & bones strong. Pumpkin is also rich in iron, which creates red blood cells and carries oxygen throughout the body. Coconut milk is also rich in Vitamins C, E & B, which boost the immune system &provide energy to cells.