What is RIPE?

RIPE is an avocado-based gelato. Rather than using dairy, soy, or nuts to create a creamy texture, we puree whole avocados until they are beautifully smooth. RIPE is crafted using wholesome organic ingredients & contains no additives. Unlike traditional gelato & ice cream, RIPE is vegan, gluten-free, raw, refined-sugar free, organic, & additive-free. We use intense superfoods like raw cacao, pumpkin, & coconut to flavor RIPE and eliminate the need for any artificial flavorings. 



RIPE started with a question: Why can’t gelato taste amazing and be good for you? We couldn’t figure out the answer, so decided to make one that is. By harnessing the creaminess of avocados, sweetness of raw maple syrup, & intensity of superfoods, we formulated a dessert that beats out traditional gelato & provides a powerful dose of nutrients. The world of gelato is ripe for a change - and RIPE is the answer!